Chris Salmon Library
Chris was a pupil at Greasby Juniors from 2000-2004 and he loved his time there. It was a very happy place for him and after he passed away we wanted to give something back to the school in his memory. We initially gave the school a silver cup to be awarded to pupils for good behaviour and a bench for the playground. Then the Head teacher and staff then came up with the idea of dedicating the new library to Chris. We were delighted with the suggestion as knowing Chris's love of books we could not think of a more fitting and apt tribute.Although the school had been awarded money to set up the library,funds were still needed for books.We donated £2000 raised from the football shirt raffle and the sky dive for the school to purchase new books.

The library is now finished, we were thrilled to see it all come to fruition and were most touched and proud to see Chris's name on the library door with the photo and piece about him up on the wall so that future generations will be aware of who Chris was.