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The Christopher Salmon Poetry Extravaganza 2019

Following the enormous success of last year’s competition, which attracted over 1000 entries. The Christopher Salmon Foundation, in conjunction with Wirral Libraries, is pleased to announce that the Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza for 2019 opened for entries on the 15th September 2018.

The theme of this year’s competition is “Heroes”.
Completed forms should be returned to Diane Mitchell at Birkenhead Library by 24/01/2019.

Wirral Festival of Music, Speech and Drama 2019

The Speech and Drama Festival is open to amateurs only. For this purpose, AMATEUR is defined by the British and International Federation of Festivals as follows: “Any person whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from performing or teaching work in music, speech, elocution or drama; even if he or she from time to time accepts a fee, stipend or honorarium for dramatic or musical services rendered”.

Rowan McCabe

Foundation funds Rowan McCabe's poetry workshop at Calday Grammar 


Is the total amount raised by the charity so far. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and given your time.

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Sadly on the 5th of February 2009 our youngest son Chris Salmon passed away very suddenly aged just 15, from a streptococcal virus and pneumonia. He was a loving, caring boy with a charismatic smile who had so much still to give and we his Parents and Brother wanted his memory to live on and to do this we have set up the Christopher Salmon Foundation.

Chris's and our friends have been a great source of comfort to us and have been so supportive in helping us fund-raise for this foundation and to them we remain indebted.

Chris was a student of Calday Grammar School and was just about to sit his GCSEs, he had hopes of becoming an author and dreamt of studying Russian and English at Oxford University. His passion for both subjects was infectious and since his untimely death, a book "The Siege of Leningrad" has been published in conjuction with Calday School - the book is dedicated to Chris and contains some of his work. 

We hope that from reading this website you may be able to get an insight into Chris's life and to what, we his family hope to achieve with the funds we raise. 

With grateful thanks for your support 

Julie , Rich and Jonny Salmon