Wirral Scout & Guide Christmas Charity Post 2017

We are delighted to announce that The Christopher Foundation's application to benefit from this years Wirral Scout and Guide Christmas Charity Post 2017 was successful. On Chris's anniversary we co-incidentally received the donation of £500, this brightened what was a difficult day and is fabulous news as it will assist us with the funding of  The Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza  2018 workshop and awards evening and we are so grateful to them for choosing us to benefit.

The Wirral Scout and Guide Charity Post was founded in 1982 to deliver Christmas cards across the Wirral in support of local charities. It is a co-operative venture between 46 Scout Groups, 5 Guide Districts and 3 Ranger Units who sell stamps to raise money and deliver Christmas Cards across the Wirral in time for Christmas each year. Each year up to 20 local charities are selected to benefit from the sale of these stamps and over £600,000 has been donated to local charities since 1982.

 We would like to thank The Wirral Scouts and Guides Christmas Charity Post for their generous donation and for all the hard work they do each year which enables local charities like ours to benefit. To see more information about the charity post please visit their website www.wirralcharitypost.org.