The Christopher Salmon
Poetry Extravaganza

Adults Prize winners

1st Prize - Mel Heale 

2nd Prize - Catherine Evans

3rd Prize - Chandana Das

Adults Highly Commended

Sam Lewtas

Sam Denniss

Age 16-18 Prize Winners

1st Prize - Brandon Chesworth

2nd Prize - Harry Johnstone

3rd Prize - Holly Fitzherbert

 Age 16-18 Highly Commended

Melissa Andrews

Alice Clare McDavitt

Age 11-16 Prize Winners

1st Prize - Liah Pulford

2nd Prize- James Youngson

3rd Prize - Ella Carnell

Age 11-16 Highly Commended

Ruby Bestwick

Nina Hofmann

Tasya Hoyle

Age 11 and Under Prize Winners

1st Prize- Lily Hinchliffe

2nd Prize - Emily Kerin

3rd Prize - Tallulah Gustafsson-Green.

11 and Under Highly Commended

Joe Tittle

Jack Bernhem


Judges’ Special Award

Daniel French.