On the 28th May 2015 , we had the pleasure and honour of being invited to and attending the Queens Garden party in recognition of all the work that we have done with the Foundation in Chris's memory. It was a truly memorable and beautiful sunny day. However we could never have achieved the magnificent £45,735 that has been raised so far since Chris's life was so cruelly cut short, if it was not thanks to all our & Chris's wonderful friends who have raised funds for the foundation. They have undertaken grueling & challenging sponsored events, held tuck shops, worked tirelessly to secure items for our charity auction, had donations made to the foundation in place of Birthday presents, nominated us to benefit from fundraising at their places of work, attended our events and unquestioningly supported everything we have done and still do to keep Chris's memory alive. Although nothing can ever make up for his loss and some days are more difficult to deal with than others we would like to thank everyone for your continued support as we could not have got this far without you.