The tattoo on my cheek says I love you,
In a language unappreciated.
When I sit here I am lost.
Watching your bootleg DVD, I know it’s wrong.
But you were the strongest influence. And the worst.
When you left I stood at the door. Was it days?
The postman should know,
I bet he regrets knocking on my door.

The tattoo on my cheek says I hate you,
In a language aggravated.
When you left it summed you up.
You never kept your plans, always something coming up.
What I ever saw in you is beyond me.
And I know you were cheating,
Carol saw you with that guy from the post office.
He always did seem a bit dodgy.

The tattoo on my cheek says I miss you,
In a language o so yearning.
When I see you I reminisce.
Your eyes would glitter when I held you.
I treasured your long hair, so soft in my rough hands.
And remember that weekend we spent at the beach?
You got so cold I had to wrap you in three towels.
That woman was nice for lending us them.

The tattoo on my cheek says I’m too good for you,
In a language conceited.
When you pass by I can tell.
You didn’t even apologise for what you did.
That was the worst part; you tried to turn it round on me.
I was the one sitting there at 3 o’clock,
Comforting you about that man at work.
I’m glad he freaked you out.

The tattoo on my cheek says confusion,
In a language unknown.
When we meet, I don’t know what to think.
You made me the happiest man alive,
And then you just left me. Heart broken on the floor.
We can pretend that we’re happy,
Smile when we can only think of each other,
But does this have to be how it ends?