I can’t clear my head.
It seems impossible.
So much inspiration.
So much love.
So much laughter.
So much sorrow.
But I can’t place it.
They are just words lost.
Melodies floating straight out the window.
Would-be wisdom drowning in its own ideas.
Isn’t it cruel?
The thing that drives us, defeats us.
And it is ourselves.
For we discipline ourselves too harshly.
Because no matter how inspired.
How in love.
How happy.
Or how sad you are.
You can’t force it.
Just let the words flow...
And there you go.
It’s rhyme.
If just for one moment in time.
You’re found.
The world is sound.
And inspiration here.
The people cheer.
For at last we can entertain.
With our melodies, no pain.
And faster we go.
But don’t let go.
Our fuel’s running out.
To soon be nout.
Savour this time.
Savour this rhyme…
For now we are lost again.
Our lyrics defeated.
Inspiration gone.
At least that made me feel something.
Now it’s just confusion.
I can’t clear my head.