The Christopher Salmon Foundation is a registered charity :  number 1132231.

The charity has two aims, firstly to raise funds to help pay for some research into the streptococcal virus that cruelly robbed Chris of his young life, in the hope that in future no other family has to go through the heartbreak we have.

Secondly to fund educational projects such as the annual poetry competition we run in conjunction with Wirral Library Service.The Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza started out in 2010 initially as a poetry competition for young people living or attending school in the Wirral area but in 2012 we also opened it to aspiring poets of all ages residing to attending school in the Wirral area. The overall Prize Winner under 18 is awarded the Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza cup and will be The Wirral Libraries Young Poet of the year. Winners in five age categories are awarded cash prizes and invited to attend a workshop with renowned local poets. We have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful and inspiring Levi Tafari, John Hughes and Curtis Watt.The 2018 competition attracted nearly 1100 entries which was phenomenal and we look forward to it growing each year.

We have provided Calday Grammar School with a cup to be awarded on an annual basis for outstanding effort in Russian studies. Chris studied Russian in Calday and through the encouragement of his wonderful Russian teacher he was passionate about the language- by having the award we wanted to encourage this enthusiasm in future students.Three students from the school were also awarded money by the foundation towards an educational visit to Auschwitz and a further three to Peru .

We have also provided Greasby Junior School ,where Chris spent his earlier school life very happily, with a behaviour cup. The title was chosen by the Head and teachers at the school as part of the effort to encourage good behaviour - the cup is awarded weekly to the best behaved class - apparently this has been compared by one of the pupils as similar to winning the FA cup!!

The Junior school themselves had a new library in spring 2010 which thanks to the Head and Teachers is known as " The Chris Salmon Library"  a fitting tribute that we are most proud of.We donated £2000 to the school to purchase new books for the library.

We have also placed a bench dedicated to Chris on the prom in West Kirby for everyone to enjoy ,if you would like to visit the bench it is at the far end, at the bottom of Riversdale Road just before you go on the beach walking towards Red Rocks. In the memorial garden at Calday school there is a tree and plaque dedicated to Chris and this can be visited at anytime by walking down the driveway at the back of the school by the field on Column Road.

It would have been Chris's 21st birthday in April 2014 and to mark the occasion we set ourselves a challenge to raise £21,000 between September 2012 and April 2014. Thanks to the kind and generous support of our friends we managed to achieve this target on Chris's actual Birthday. This has enabled us to make a donation of £1000 to the Candice Colley Foundation and  donate £7,000 each to Meningitis Now and The UK Sepsis Trust, as both conduct research into the condition that affected Christopher. We donated £4,000 for the purchase of additional Christmas lights for Greasby Village in Chris's memory,  as we felt that this was a fitting tribute to him, as he not only loved Christmas but he lit up our lives,so now he can light up everyone else's over the festive season. The final £2,000 was used to fund the 2015 Poetry Extravaganza.

Although our £21,000 goal to mark Chris's 21st was reached in April 2014 our fundraising continues , as we have the annual Poetry Extravaganza to fund and several other projects in mind. For details of future fundraising events please see the future events page. Thank you to everyone for your continued support as we could not have got this far without you.