The Christopher Salmon Poetry Extravaganza 2019

The Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza 2019 Results and Awards

This years competition was another huge success with over 1300 entries. Thank you to all who took part. The overall winner is Lucianna Cartwright and, together with winning the Chris Salmon Poetry Extravaganza Cup, Lucianna will be Wirral Libraries Young Poet Laureate for 2019. A full list of all the winners together with Lucianna's poem are listed below. 

An anthology containing all the winning poems is available for sale for £5 from Wirral Libraries and by contacting us direct. 

The Overall Winner's poem..

Everyday Heroes

To the stranger on the street who saw me nervously stumbling
in the outfit that looked a lot nicer in the mirror that told me
that oversized sweaters do go with high heels,
and told me I looked ‘nice today’,instantly lifting the anxieties, I only have when for a second, I
feel confident -
thank you, you are an everyday hero. 

To the friend that when liking a photo on my social media,
most likely a photo of a slightly pink pebble or a cat that
looks like they belong to a witch,
and sees the change of tone in the caption,
and caring not much, but enough to ask ‘what’s up?
’even if nothing is ‘up’,
and everything is ‘down’, level-headed, calm -
thank you, you are an everyday hero. 

And to the peers that when I sit alone
not by choice,
but by the conviction of my own head’s belief that I should
be excluded,
who casually sit beside me,
week after week -
thank you, you are an everyday hero.

Lucianna Cartwright 

Weatherhead High School

Winners and Highly Commended..

7 & Under  

1st – “ Alder Hey” – Maisy Hughes  - Mendell Primary School
2nd “Supergirl” – Amelie Ferrand - Woodfall Primary School Neston 
3rd “Heroes” Luke Holden – Greasby Infant School
Highly commended “Heroes” Emily Gilligan- Wilde – Greasby Infant School
Highly commended “Heroes” Luca Walsh – Greasby Infant School  

8 – 11

1st “My Heroes Head” – Ben Stewart – Lingham Primary School 
2nd “To My Hero” – Meg Hoshiko – Higher Bebington Junior School
3rd “The Life we had” – Freya Horgan – Christ The King Catholic Primary School Bromborough Highly commended “March on “-Jack Lally - Christ The King Catholic Primary School Bromborough Highly commended “Heroes- BIG or small” – Daisy O’Callaghan - Brackenwood 
Highly commended “The Heroic Women of World War 2 “-Florence Wain – St Peter's C of E Aided Primary School Heswall  

11- 13

1st “The Human Element “– George Rooney – Calday Grange Grammar School 
2nd “She is Awake! “– Molly Evans – Wirral Grammar School for Girls 
3rd “My Unsung Hero” – Diya Dipesh – West Kirby Grammar School 
Highly commended “You could be a Hero” - Anais Lichfield – Weatherhead High School 
Highly commended “Just in Films? “-Daniel Maton – Wirral Grammar School for Boys
Highly commended “Plasma Pete” – Sam Murphy – Wirral Grammar School for Boys  


1st Everyday Heroes” – Lucianna Cartwright - Weatherhead High School 
2nd “Heroes” – Thu Le - West Kirby Grammar School
3rd “Tell Me Hero” – Saskia Barrington -- Weatherhead High School
Highly commended “Saviours” Krishna Parmar -Wirral Grammar School for Boys
Highly commended “4:15” Evie Smith - Weatherhead High School 


1st “My Thanks to You” – Natalie Griffiths 
2nd “The Blues “Chandana Das 
3rd “Heroes” – Bev Clarke 
Highly commended –  “ You’re a Hero To Me”  Mel Heale

Levi Tafari

Levi Tafari with the Mayor and Lady Mayoress.