Everyone rightly thinks their child is special but there was definitely something very special about Chris. He was always smiling and was a gentle, friendly,happy and kind boy who from a young age had a real enthusiasm for learning, in particular poetry and languages.He also had a love of reading, music, Big Brother, Doctor Who and American TV series such as Heroes, Family Guy, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty!! He was passionate about his computer games too, especially The Sims,Wii Fit,  Mario Kart and Buzz . He was always willing to help others either with school work or cheats on their computer games!

At the recent 6th form memorial assembly for Chris at Calday school his former English teacher, Mr Devitt, said that Chris possessed a quality that he had never seen before in all the years that he had been teaching, namely that Chris was able to combine being a hard working and conscientious student with being popular and Mr Devitt said that he never heard a bad word said about Chris by any of the other pupils.
This fact has been borne out by the many touching tributes to him on his facebook tribute page such as the following poem was written by Mark Lawrence a family friend :

To the boy with a heart too big for his shoes,
To the man with whom everyone never wanted to lose.
To the bloke who had easily made everyone smile,
To the fella who had undeniable style.
To the dude with the talent too big for a list,
To the guy with the friends whom know he'll be missed.
To the brother whom knows that you're never gone,
Through our hearts Chris your spirit will always live on.

Rest in peace.

For more messages, photos and tributes please see the Tribute to Chris Salmon page that has kindly been set up by Chris's friends on Facebook.
Chris had many idiosyncrasies as his friends will no doubt remember, he was keen user of antiseptic hand wash and did not care how much people skitted at him because of it. He hated going on holiday as he preferred his home comforts , he disliked travelling on the bus and would do anything to avoid it!

When he was watching his favourite TV programmes he could not stand any disturbance from outside the room and we would regularly hear the cry " Door please" if there was any sound that was spoiling the enjoyment of his viewing.

He loved a wide range music and introduced many of his friends to artists that they were unfamiliar with such as Regina Spektor and  Imogen Heap. Although his friends regarded some of his musical tastes as awful they still respected the fact that he was listening out for new artists all the time.

Chris gave 100% to anything he undertook even if he did not enjoy it
 ( D.T. being a case in point! ). Latterly he was learning how to cook and after a few lessons ,decided that the kitchen was his domain which caused creative tension with his Mother!

Most of all Chris was a loving and caring boy who was always smiling and friendly and our lives are not the same without him. x