The Winners of the Christopher Salmon Poetry          Extravaganza 2020

Age 7 and under Prize Winners

1st Prize : Louis Fox

2nd Prize: Eleanor Forsythe

3rd Prize: Archie Weatherall

Highly Commended

Lucas Gale

Ella Ryan

Freya Duffy

 Age 8-11 Prize Winners

1st Prize : Jessica Risley 

2nd Prize : Willow Stobbart

3rd Prize : Fearne Brazier

Highly Commended

Freya O’Brien

Olivia Stewart

Age 11-13 Prize Winners

1st Prize: Megumi Hoshiko

2nd Prize: Nithin Ravi 

3rd Prize: Kathryn McKenna 

 Highly Commended

Holly Louise Ruhe

Evie Currums

Age 14-16 Prize Winners

1st Prize : Amelie Ingram

2nd Prize: Ella Hassall

3rd Prize: Christopher Popoola 

Highly Commended

Krishna Parmar 

Ellie Oates

Aynur Abdulmajeed

Age 16+ Prize Winners

1st Prize: Niyr Johnson

2nd Prize: Ann Fox

3rd Prize: Emma Jones

Highly Commended

Bev Clark

Logan Wade

Kai Heale