The Christopher Salmon Poetry Competition 2024  

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this year’s Chris Salmon Poetry Competition. The theme of this year’s competition was dream and we were delighted to receive over 250 entries and the difficult task of judging has now taken place. Once again, the standard of entries was extremely high so we would like to thank the judges for reading through all the wonderful entries and having the unenviable task of choosing the winners. All winners have now been notified and they and their families have been invited to an award ceremony which is being held at Birkenhead Library in mid-July.

So, we are delighted to announce that this year’s winning entries are as follows: -

Space by Ezra White – Winner KS1

Rainforest by Maggie Stanton – Highly Commended KS1

Dreams by Gia-An Pham-Nguyen-Highly Commended KS1

Life in a Dream by Rosanna Abdulla – Winner KS2

I had a dream by Dara Hanks – Highly Commended KS2

What happens in my head when I’m in bed by Bea Brand – Highly commended KS2

My Ambition by Martha Nolan- Highly Commended KS2

That Girl by Lottie Ryan – Winner KS3

I had a dream that cancer fades away by Lucy Prothero – Highly Commended KS3

Dreamweaver’s Melody by Jack Rowlands – Highly commended KS3

Dream by Danieke Nielson – Winner KS4

My Beautiful Dream by Vasile Mateescu – Highly Commended KS4

Just a dream by Kerolos Wanis – Highly Commended KS4

Dream by Phoebe Reay – Winner 16+

We look forward to meeting the winners and their families to present their prizes at the awards evening. We are hoping to hold our final and the 15th Christopher Salmon Poetry competition in 2025 and if we are able to go ahead further details will be posted on our website in late Autumn 2024. Thank you once again for your support and for helping us keep Christopher’s memory alive.